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What To Know Before Getting Invisalign As An Adult

What to Know Before Getting Invisalign As an Adult

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Admit it: You had braces as a kid and promised your orthodontist that you’d wear your retainers religiously. And you probably did, well, for a little while at least.

If you’re like the many Americans who took wearing your retainers for granted many years ago, chances are you’d give anything to have straight teeth again. Well, the solution is here. And that solution is Invisalign.

Before heading into your family dentist office for the teeth straighteners, there are a few things you should know. The first thing is that Invisalign teeth straighteners use brackets. There’s a chance you probably didn’t know that you’d be walking into the office expecting to get brackets placed on your teeth. They’re not extremely noticeable, but when you take your teeth straighteners out to eat, someone might tell you that there’s something on your teeth.

Along with the brackets, you need to constantly wash your hands. Since the aligners are something that you take out and put back into your mouth every day, if your hands aren’t clean, you’re going to spread germs to your body. If you know you’re not going to be near soap and a sink when you take your aligners out, make sure to have some hand sanitizer with you.

You may also talk with a lisp for a little while when getting used to having the foreign object in your mouth. For many people, this speech difference only last for a few weeks, so it’s not really that big of a deal. But if you notice that you can’t get used to talking with the aligners in your mouth, take some time each day to practice talking.

Like it likely felt with the retainers you should have worn years ago, your teeth are going to be sensitive for a little while when you first put the aligners in. Invisalign works to straighten your teeth. And because your teeth are going to be shifting, they’ll probably feel uncomfortable. But don’t worry. That feeling will go away after time and you’ll get used to the sensitivity.

Every one in four American adults avoids smiling due to the poor condition of their mouth and teeth. To fix their insecurity, many people turn to Invisalign. While the concept of Invisalign is pretty self-explanatory, it’s important to speak with a certified Invisalign dentist and prepare for all of the things we discussed above.

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