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I’ve Immigrated To The United States. How Do I Find A Dentist?

I’ve Immigrated To The United States. How Do I Find a Dentist?

Dental health is important to the overall appearance of your smile, and in the United States the appearance of teeth means a lot. Teeth whitening particularly has seen an increase in treatment recently, and with good reason: 82.5% of those who received teeth whitening by their dentist saw a noticeable difference in their smiles.

However, when English is your second language as an immigrant to the United States, it may be difficult to find a dentist you feel you can trust. Luckily, you can find a dentist with the assistance of online, community, and associative assistance.

How do I find the best dentist for me?
It’s understandably uncomfortable to see a dentist who only speaks English if English isn’t your first language. You may not be able to follow what is happening during cleanings or procedures, which leaves you feeling anxious and uninformed. Therefore, one of the first things you should look for in a dentist when you’re on the hunt is if they are bilingual.

There are many bilingual doctors, so be sure that any additional languages they speak are your own. Ask the office or staff of the dentists over the phone if the dentist speaks any other languages if it isn’t mentioned online. If you can’t find a dentist who speaks your native language, ask if an English-speaking friend can come with you to translate.

Another way to find the best dentist for you is to ask neighbors or anyone in the local community. Dental patients can give you the kind of information you need regarding whether or not a particular dentist is kind and skillful. Even asking around online can be a big help and can even provide you with a sense of anonymity if you prefer.

Finally, consider contacting the American Dental Association. The ADA is able to provide you with a list of available state and local dental societies should you request them. The association suggests visiting multiple dental offices before choosing which dentist you go to in order to ensure that you feel you have made the right choice. Your comfort in the dentist chair, whether you’re receiving a crown, routine checkup, or teeth whitening, is the most important thing.

Visiting a doctor or dentist should never be a fearful experience. Take your time to find the right dentist that makes you feel safe, secure, and informed regarding the treatment of your smile.