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The Best And Worst Holiday Cocktails For Your Teeth

The Best and Worst Holiday Cocktails for your Teeth

family dentistIt’s almost December 31st, which means that the holiday party season is in full swing. And with those holiday parties come all of the fancy drinks and cocktails your heart desires.

Sure, those drinks may be delicious, but is what you’re putting in your mouth actually doing more harm to your teeth than help? Let’s take a look at the best alcoholic drinks for your teeth and the ones that can do the most damage.

Helpful Drinks
Now, keep this in mind: There is really no such thing as a fully healthy alcoholic beverage, so take the following with a grain of salt. But there are some drinks out there that are definitely better for you and your teeth than others. For example, if you’re out at a bar and love to drink beer, opt for the lighter choice. Since these beers have low acidity and a high water content, they’re obviously the better option compared to regular beers. They’re also usually lighter in color, which can help prevent any potential teeth stains.

If you don’t like beer, try something like a gin and tonic. Both gin and tonic are clear liquids, so you also don’t have to fear any teeth stains with this drink. They’re also categorized as “about neutral” on the acidity scale, which means that they have little to no acidity. However, it’s important to be careful with this drink while enjoying it because the carbonation can be harmful to your teeth. Also, make sure you ditch the fruit garnish, as that’s the acidity culprit.

Bad Drinks
Now, it’s time to hear about drinks that aren’t so good for your teeth. These are the kind of drinks that will throw you in the family dentists office if you overindulge. While a few cocktails won’t cause your teeth to start falling out, three million people in the United States have dental implants (and that number keeps growing by 500,000 a year). If you want to keep your real teeth healthy for many years to come, try and stay away from these especially harmful drinks.

Your family dentists would most likely advise you stay away from vodka cranberry at this year’s holiday party. Though it may look festive, cranberry juice actually has more sugar in it than a can of soda does. That sugar can be extremely harmful to your teeth. Likewise, it’s also a good idea to stay away from rum and coke. Both of these sugary ingredients can be harmful to your teeth, but they are also dark in color. Say goodbye to your pearly whites if you’re going to drink these on a consistent basis. In short, any drink with a lot of sugar in it can damage your teeth significantly.

If you want to stay out of your family dentists office this holiday season, avoid the drinks that are bad for you and stick with the ones that won’t do as much damage.