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Overcoming The Language Barrier: The Benefits Of Bilingual Dentists

Overcoming The Language Barrier: The Benefits Of Bilingual Dentists

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Searching for an Invisalign dentist in Coral Gables — or really, any dentist, for that matter — can be tricky if English is not your first language. According to the Tampa Bay Times, over 27% of Floridians speak other languages. Finding bilingual doctors is crucial to the implementation of successful and effective care, and dentistry is no different! Here are three benefits that come from being able to communicate with your bilingual dentist.

  • You will improve your oral health. The reason we go to dentists is to improve the condition of our teeth and mouths, so it seems quite obvious that not being able to understand what they’re saying would negate the purpose of going. Bilingual doctors will be able to ensure you comprehend the information being given to you, improving your oral health and your understanding of how to care for it.
  • You will improve your knowledge of dental care. As stated above, understanding is crucial in a health environment; you’re meant to be receiving advice on how best to take care of and manage the health of your mouth and teeth. When you don’t have to sift through words you can’t translate in order to piece together a basic comprehension, you’ll be getting the full benefit of the trip. Additionally, you’ll learn how best to prevent problems from occurring in the future.
  • You will feel more comfortable. Communication does more than just transfer information — it can put people at ease. If you have a painful tooth and are frightened about the prospect of a more painful procedure, having a dentist explain how safe and stress-free the process is can make a world of difference. Bilingual doctors do exist: it’s simply a matter of finding one that works for you. When you find a dentist that you feel comfortable talking with, you’ll feel more assured in your care.

Approximately 93% of Floridians agree that regular dental appointments keep them healthy; adding the care of a dentist who speaks your language can only boost that percentage. Find bilingual doctors and schedule an appointment today.

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