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Aventura Dental Services In Coral Gables

Aventura Dental Services in Coral Gables

There is a big population of the Aventura community in Coral Gables that would benefit from Aventura dental services. Based on a study, 1 in 4 Americans avoids smiling due to poor conditions of their teeth and mouth. The Aventura community is mixed up of non-English speaking individuals that are conversant with the Spanish language only as well as English speakers.

The language barrier can make many people not know where to seek dental services. Dental health is very important according to a study by the ADA that concluded 93% of Floridians believed that having regular dental checks helped them stay healthy. Having an Aventura dentist is of great importance to the non-English speakers because they have a place to seek dental care when needed and feel comfortable.

The bilingual doctors have various dental options available. These include:

  1. Braces: An Aventura dentist can offer dental braces, which are used for adjusting teeth or the underlying bone. Sometimes it may be necessary to have retainers after the braces for adults, these services are also available to the Coral Gables community.
  2. Cosmetic Dentistry: If you have stained or uneven teeth it can negatively affect your self-esteem. Cosmetic dentistry is not as complicated procedure as the name sounds. If you need any cosmetic dental procedure, you don’t have to go far but you can easily access these services in Coral Gables.
  3. General Dentistry: You do not need to hide your smile anymore. With an Aventura dentist, all your general dentistry needs are met. Some of the services in general dentistry provided by the Aventura Dentist include:
    • Crowns – to improve the shape of your tooth and strengthen it, dentists use cosmetic restoration through crowns. Teeth that are broken, decayed, or worn out, are restored by crowning.
    • Dental implants – various reasons can cause a person to lose teeth. If this has happened to you, Aventura dentist can help you smile again through implants. There are two options of dental implants, Endosteal and subperiosteal. Consulting with your dentist will help you know the best option for you.
    • Bridges – dental bridges are ideal for replacing a missing tooth, as well as help, maintain the shape of your face. These services are also available in Coral Gables through the Aventura dentist. A bridge uses artificial teeth to replace missing ones and can be made from various materials. For a bridge to be successful, it will depend on the other teeth as well as its foundation.
    • Dental hygiene – to have a healthy smile, you need good dental hygiene. Your dentist will offer quality preventive care and cleaning options and advise on how to avoid dental problems. Following your doctors advise will help you save money as you stay away from the clinic.
    • Restoration and filling – many children suffer from holes in their teeth due to poor dental hygiene after eating sugary things. When the tooth decays, qualified children’s dentists can fill up the tooth and restore it for normal functioning. Grown-ups also can have holes in their teeth and through the same procedure, the holes can be filled by an Aventura dentist.
    • Treatment of Gum disease – there are a variety of diseases that affect the gums. Your local Aventura dentist clinic should be able to offer treatment for gingivitis and any other disease that affects the gums.
    • Pediatric Dentistry: As a parent, it is also important for your children to have great dental hygiene. At an Aventura dentist clinic near you, you will find the services for qualified children’s dentists in Coral Gable. From dental hygiene, filling of teeth to bridges, the dentists can do this for your children.

Everyone needs to have good dental hygiene. If you’re part of the Aventura community and require quality dental assistance, give Gables Dental Care a call today.