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As a practice, we are true believers that preventive care and education are the keys to optimal oral health.  Preventive care is the cornerstone of good dental health.

Preventive care involves the day to day things we do to promote good oral health, such as brushing, flossing, and eating a healthy diet, but dentists also play an important role in preventive dental care.  Preventive dental treatment may include regular teeth cleaning, periodontal therapy, fluoride therapy and periodic oral examinations.

Periodic Oral Examination

The American Dental Association defines a “periodic oral exam” as an exam that is done on established patients to determine any changes in dental and health status since a previous comprehensive or periodic evaluation. This routine oral exam is recommended to be done every 6 months after the comprehensive.

This exam is done to aid in intercepting early stages of dental caries. This allows us to perform smaller, less invasive restorations as well as preventing gum disease or other dental disorders that could develop during this time.

These exams are like maintenance visits to help keep your teeth for a lifetime.

Comprehensive Oral Examination

A comprehensive oral exam lays the foundation for excellent dental care.

The American Dental Association recommends “comprehensive dental exams” for all patients that are new to a practice and for established patients, those who are already in the practice, every three years.

Periodontal Therapy

Non-surgical therapy removes plaque and calculus by controlling the growth of harmful bacteria and by treating conditions that encourage gum disease.